Swift® Applicator Tip

Focused Energy Delivery

  • 7mm single-use applicator tip
  • Eliminates requirement for sterilisation
  • Integral to ensuring precision treatments
  • Ergonomically-designed for ease of use

Swift® Applicator Hand Piece

Designed specifically for ease of use in Podiatry & Dermatology

  • Pen-like grip for precise treatments in difficult locations i.e. between the toes or fingers
  • Intuitive LED ring displays system status
  • Cable release grip for simple connections

Swift® Generator Interface

A fully portable system with user-friendly controls

  • Output power set in 1W steps
  • Actual power delivered into the body (%) display ensures treatment efficiency 
  • Countdown timer in 1 second steps
  • Robust, user-friendly connections


Microwave treatment video

With Confidence


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    Dr Ivan Bristow

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    Swift Key Opinion Leaders

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    Peter Thomson

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Feedback From Practitioners

"Significant advantages over traditional therapies" - Dr Ivan Bristow, Southampton

"The procedure is remarkably easy" - Peter Thomson, Dunfermline

"The outcomes were excellent" - Chris Webb, Portsmouth


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