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Introducing Swift

Microwave Therapy for Skin

Swift offers healthcare professionals with a treatment solution that utilises microwave technology. Backed by independent research, this advanced approach delivers a targeted and non-invasive treatment, prioritising safety, and effectiveness.

With its straightforward and efficient procedure, Swift can enhance healthcare providers treatment offering and provide exceptional patient care.

Swift system

Applicator Tip

Focused energy delivery
  • 7mm single-use applicator tip
  • Eliminates requirement for sterilisation
  • Integral to ensuring precision treatments
  • Ergonomically-designed for ease of use

Swift Applicator Hand Piece

Designed for ease of use in podiatry and dermatology
  • Pen-like grip for precise treatments in difficult locations i.e. between the toes or fingers
  • Intuitive LED ring displays system status
  • Cable release grip for simple connections

Swift Generator Interface

A fully portable system with user-friendly controls
  • Output power set in 1W steps
  • Actual power delivered into the body (%) display ensures treatment efficiency
  • Countdown timer in 1 second steps
  • Robust, user-friendly connections
Swift generator, hand piece and applicator tip

Swift offers clinicians...


A simple and repeatable treatment with predictable outcomes


No smoke, no anaesthetic, no post-procedural dressing


Procedural benefits provide Swift users* with the potential for much shorter appointment times**


Backed by extensive independent clinical research


Multi-million-pound investment in clinical trials

*As reported by Swift users during an independent clinical study

** When compared with dry needling, electro-cautery, and laser

Advantages of using Swift

Dr Ivan Bristow, Podiatrist and Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton.

Dr Bristow talks about the many advantages of treating with microwaves.

Swift tip icon

Accurately target tissue with Swift

Thorough research and a reliable technology take the guesswork out of treatment, allowing you to treat with confidence, every time.

The Swift device ensures that microwaves travel in straight lines with no lateral spread (commonly seen in other therapies).

This results in a treatment that can be used to accurately target tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact.

A cleaner treatment option

Microwave therapy offers a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional methods.

Unlike Laser and Electrocautery devices, microwave therapy produces no smoke, plume, or smell. The procedure is non-invasive, requiring no anaesthesia, and does not break the skin's surface, reducing the need for post-procedural padding or dressings.

Patients can return to normal daily activity immediately after the procedure.

No anesthetic icon

Fifteen minutes on a clock icon

Swift by name, swift by nature

Swift's highly targeted, non-invasive procedure is complete in seconds, reducing procedure time, and increasing patient throughput.

Clinicians can manage clinic time more efficiently, fit more treatments into a day, and ultimately enhance the overall patient experience. Appointment times can be shortened to just 15 minutes, making it easier for patients to fit Swift treatments into their busy schedules.

A truly global treatment

Our innovative Swift system has revolutionised the treatment of common and plantar warts, with hundreds of thousands of patients now treated around the world.

The small footprint and portability of our Swift device removes the need for treatment to be given in large general hospitals using large, expensive, and inflexible devices. Instead, it can be carried out in small clinic space, opening the door to all.

Icon of a globe

Would you like to know more?

Is Swift right for you?

Our ROI calculator to allows you to see the impact that Swift could have on your revenue.

Use our calculator to see how many treatments you would have to carry out to break even each month, at what point you will start generating revenue, or for a full breakdown of clinic revenue and gross profit.