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Crossover breakthrough into an aesthetic clinic

21 July 2022

Our exciting skin treatment device has made its first crossover breakthrough into an aesthetic clinic, after taking the podiatry world by storm.

The Emblation Swift® microwave treatment will now be offered in a non-podiatry setting within the UK.

MySkyn Clinic in Bradford is the first aesthetic/dermal clinic in the UK to offer the treatment, after the founders were stunned at the results it delivered for their patients.

Meanwhile the move is a vital bridgehead into the aesthetic sector for our company, as ongoing research is likely to see our device approved for an increasing number of skin conditions - including pre-cancerous skin lesions where initial studies have shown excellent outcomes.

Dr Uzma Qureshi, an NHS GP and co-founder of MySkyn, was inspired to set up an aesthetic clinic after gaining experience in plastic surgery. She told us she decided to test the Swift device after spotting a gap in the market for large numbers of people afflicted by verrucae and warts.

She added: "We were finding that a lot of our patients were enquiring about verrucae and warts and although we do have some treatments that we can offer, often they weren't very effective.

"Then I came across the Swift and I looked at the journal papers and the clinical trials and they were really impressive."

Uzma was keen to test the Swift machine before a potential purchase, so chose a patient who had suffered with severe, long-term verrucae. That patient underwent three Swift treatments, each four weeks apart, and had a full clearance.

She added: "Frankly we were blown away by the results. So far, all of our patients have achieved phenomenal results and clearance of their warts and verrucae which they have really, really, really struggled to find treatment for. So, we love having it in our repertoire."

Our portable, microwave device offers a simple and effective solution for patients whose lives have been blighted by persistent verrucae, which affect millions of people. As a result, our proprietary technology has won widespread praise and recognition within both the medical and technology arena for its results.

Sadia Khan, co-owner of MySkyn and a prescribing pharmacist, has seen countless verrucae patients let down by traditional treatments and she added: "I have seen lots of patients try over the counter medication, I've referred them to the GP and many of the treatments or medications have not worked for them.

"We do a range of treatments here for warts and verrucae. However, a lot of them aren't suitable for certain patients. Swift has allowed us to open up to a bigger clientele-patient base and offer a variety of treatments to the body for a condition that is quite common actually."

Gary Beale, our co-founder and CEO said: "We have dramatically changed the landscape for podiatrists and for verrucae patients since launching in 2016. With our first venture into dermal and aesthetic clinics we hope to deliver similar, seismic improvement for patients with a range of skin lesions over the coming years.

"We know that once podiatrists, dermatologists, and other clinicians start using Swift it will rapidly become an invaluable and profitable part of their business."

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