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Customer experiences

Explore real success stories of clinic businesses that have leveraged Swift's innovative solutions to enhance patient care, improve efficiency, and boost their financial performance.

Learn about the many benefits that Swift can bring to your business.

Dr Uzma Qureshi, My:Skyn Clinic, UK

One of the first aesthetics clinics in the UK to introduce Swift.
The results have been
fantastic so far.
Our patients have got
phenomenal results.

Anna Cooper Hall Farnham Foot Clinic, UK

Anna was an early adopter of Swift when it launched in the UK in 2016. She recouped her investment in just 3 months. She was so impressed by the many positive outcomes she experienced with Swift, she went on to invest in a second Swift system.

Swift delivers effective treatment to patients and is simple to use.

Matthew Butters, Colne Valley Chiropody and Podiatry, UK

Matthew has been delighted with the many positive outcomes he has experienced with Swift.
Business-wise, it is the
best thing I've done.
No Doubt.

Joe Egan, Merrion Foot Clinic, Ireland

Having now carried out over 1000 Swift treatments, Joe is delighted with the many benefits (patient and business) he has experienced.
From a business perspective, we recouped what we paid for the device in three to four months.
Joe Egan, Merrion Foot Clinic, Ireland

Anna Conway, Roundhouse Podiatry, UK

Anna has transformed her business since introducing Swift into her small, 1-treatment room clinic in 2017.
It's a fantastic thing
for us to have
I've had the system for 12 months now and got my money back 5 times

Matthew Butters, Podiatrist and clinic owner

Dr Robert Cononello, Orangetown Podiatry, USA

Swift microwave therapy... it's totally changed my practice.

Is Swift right for you?

Our ROI calculator to allows you to see the impact that Swift could have on your revenue.

Use our calculator to see how many treatments you would have to carry out to break even each month, at what point you will start generating revenue, or for a full breakdown of clinic revenue and gross profit.