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Emblation 2018 Australia Tour

04 April 2018

In conjunction with the Australian Podiatry Association and Briggate Medical, Emblation will be hosting Swift Workshops within Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, Australia, from the 30th April - 4th May.

These workshops have been designed to provide Podiatrists with an insight into the microwave technology that is now being used in over 200 Podiatry clinics within the UK alone.

Highly experienced Swift Podiatrist, Dr Ivan Bristow, will also be joining Emblation at each workshop, where he will be presenting the findings of his research and will be sharing his experiences with the microwave device.

The workshops will be hosted in:

  • Adelaide: Monday 30th April
  • Brisbane: Tuesday 1st May
  • Sydney: Thursday 3rd May
  • Perth: Friday 4th May

Prior to the first workshop in Adelaide, Emblation CEO, Gary Beale, will also be joining Briggate at the Australian Podiatry Association 2018 VIC Podiatry Conference, Melbourne, where he will be on hand to answer any questions about the microwave technology.

To book your place onto the 2018 VIC Podiatry Conference, or onto any of the workshops, please visit our events page and follow the links provided.

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