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Leading podiatrist hails Swift as most effective treatment

11 December 2023

Highly Effective

A new research study has shown that four out of every five patients suffering from a common skin condition are likely to see successful outcomes after using our microwave technology.

The study, conducted in New Zealand, found that 83% of patients who opted to use our medical microwaves to treat plantar warts were able to get rid of the notoriously troublesome skin condition.

Our groundbreaking Swift® device, uses targeted bursts of microwaves to treat warts and verrucae, offering a unique advantage over current treatment methods which often require invasive and painful procedures.

The Swift® device has been hailed as having the potential to replace current treatment methods by leading podiatrist, researcher, and Fellow at the Royal College of Podiatry Dr Ivan Bristow.

Dr Bristow, an accomplished podiatrist with over 30 years of experience, said: “Our research conducted in New Zealand mirrors the fantastic results we saw previously in the UK.

“Going through patient notes thoroughly, we examined 45 patients with a total of 150 warts on their feet that they'd struggled with for around 3 years on average.

“Using the Swift® device, 32 of those patients were even cured after 4 treatments or less – in total, giving an impressive cure rate of 83% across the study.

“Compared to traditional wart remedies, this is a hugely positive outcome and demonstrates the consistency of Swift's performance even across different continents and users.

“We also discovered younger patients tended to respond even faster and have better clearance rates, likely because of more robust immune systems.

“Together all of the findings underscore the tremendous benefits Swift® microwave technology can offer long-suffering wart patients, dramatically outperforming outdated, painful options.”

At Emblation, we aim to create more accessible, reliable, and compact medical microwave systems for use in dermatology and podiatry, aiming to surpass the limitations of traditional skin lesion treatments. We have now initiated medical trials to explore the possibility of using the device to treat skin cancers and pre-cancers, with initially promising results.

Dr Bristow added: “Swift® has so many advantages and it doesn't affect one's lifestyle - a major benefit here. Having warts over your hand or your feet can have quite a psychological impact on an individual, and of course, can affect someone’s quality of life.

“From our earlier studies, we demonstrated how microwave treatment can enhance the body's natural immune response to the infection.

"I've had patients who have spent thousands of pounds on wart treatments, using things that never worked before they tried Swift®. We knew this treatment had a host of benefits and new research is continuing to back that up.”

The firm was founded by Gary Beale and Eamon McErlean, who met during post-graduate studies at Heriot Watt university. The pair went on to launch Swift® in 2016, as a radical new treatment in the podiatry & dermatology sectors.

Gary Beale, co-founder, and CEO said: “We continue to show that Swift® can offer a revolutionary treatment to skin conditions like common and plantar warts and can truly change people’s lives.

“It’s brilliant to see continued clinical validation of Swift's effectiveness. It reinforces our mission to provide innovative solutions that truly transform patient outcomes.”

In May 2021, Emblation secured a significant second-round investment from London-based specialist healthcare investors, Apposite Capital, to continue its clinical research and impressive company growth.

Our firm now successfully offers its Swift® technology to patients across numerous countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and mainland Europe, and the UAE, with further expansion into Asia at an advanced stage.

To read more about the research, please visit:

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