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Teen’s giant plantar wart cleared with our microwave tech

23 May 2023
Student's palm-sized lesion cleared after hindering social life for six years

The 18-year-old college student from Worcester was ecstatic when the painful verruca that plagued him for almost all his teenage years disappeared following treatments with our Swift® microwave device.

The verruca on the teenager's left heel was 5cm x 6cm - the size of an egg - and felt like a huge lump on the bottom of his foot when he walked.

The teen wouldn't go to the gym, he wouldn't swim, he wouldn't want to get changed in front of anyone and he would never wear flip flops or sliders - with the verruca blighting his social life.

However, after just four treatments with Swift® delivered across seven months, he was finally given the all clear.

The ecstatic teen, who preferred to be unnamed, said: "I couldn't stop smiling when I realised the huge and ugly verruca that caused me daily pain and embarrassment had gone.

"I felt happy and couldn't wait to finally enjoy all of the normal activities that other boys my age would never have even thought twice about doing - even walking was sore for me.

"As a teenager, I found it incredibly awkward and would put off doing anything socially as a result. I was even nervous to show podiatrists my heel.

"As my mum is a nurse, she had ensured that I had trialled every treatment that was out there. When she found the Swift® device online, she discussed the pros and cons with our local clinic, SO Podiatry, and decided it was worth trying. It was the best decision we ever could have made."

The young teen - who was 17 years old at the time - started being treated by Stephanie Owen, owner of SO Podiatry, in January 2021. Her clinic was an early adopter of our Swift® technology and the first in Worcester.

Stephanie said: "When what was once a shy teenager came into the clinic for what was to be his fifth round of Swift® treatment, his verruca had already vanished in its entirety.

"Everything about him told me that he was now exuberating a newly-found confidence. His eyes had lit up, his body posture was different, he was smiling. The transformation in him, both physically and mentally, was obvious - he was radiating happiness.

"It is not uncommon for young children to develop verrucae as they are usually very active and not to mention, sweaty. However, in this particular case, the patient's verruca was so big that he had it for six years, which for a boy of that age is extremely rare.

"It was a delight to see him develop into a self-assured teenager and help him on his journey towards a pain-free life.

"We have now carried out over 300 treatments with Swift® at our clinic. I've been mightily impressed with the device - it is quick, clean, easy to deliver treatment and for stubborn verrucae, it makes all the difference. You can physically see the progress and it's amazing to witness."

The teen said: "Swift® has changed my life for the better and I've now realised that I had nothing even remotely to be ashamed of. Thousands of people suffer from similar conditions, and I hope that by sharing my story, it will help people on their journey to treatment."

Find out more by visiting the SO Podiatry website.

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